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Love’s Fuel

Love’s Fuel

The darkness tells me: You are a nobody. You’re not a statesman. You’re not a leader. You don’t even have a title. You speak for no one. You are insignificant. Who do you think you are? The light flickers inside. Its flame rises a little higher and responds: I am somebody. I am God’s creation.[…]

Inspiring act of friendship by one of our Readers

Last night, a mutual friend texted us the following: “I tried to act by your blog motto today by writing this card for my neighbor and taking her some flowers and home grown goodies. In addition to feeling heavy hearted all day I also felt so blessed for having a friendly neighbor. Shortly afterward she[…]

No one likes others to speak for them

“So you’re Christian?” I nodded in agreement. “O, that’s so interesting! I just took a class on Christianity” said the middle-aged Muslim lady, ready to start engaging me in conversation about what she’d learned about my faith. “No way! How cool! Where did you take the class?” “At my mosque… it ended just last week”[…]