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Muslim-Christian Friendship: Jill & Rabia

Muslim-Christian Friendship: Jill & Rabia

DSD_2967How did you become friends?
We both were introduced to each other at the shooting of the documentary at a Mosque about Muslims and Christians learning about each other. We had a lot in common and decided to continue the friendship that started at the event. We went on hikes together, visited a Christmas Service together and stayed in touch over the last year as our schedules permit.

How would you define your friendship in one word?
Jill: Safe
Rabia: Friendship-in-Faith

DSD_2903What is the one thing you appreciate about each other?
Rabia: Open-mindedness or desire to learn about the other’s religion from that person instead of believing the media or status quo!
Jill: Our commitment to our faiths and its values