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Muslim-Christian Friendship: Engie & Melody

Muslim-Christian Friendship: Engie & Melody

People of Peace documentaryHow did you become friends?

Engie: Melody and I met at the amazing “People of Peace” documentary filming! We were paired as Muslim-Christian friends because we’re similar ages … and honestly I couldn’t have found a more beautiful person to be friends with! Melody is a true gem and a genuinely pious, compassionate human being! She exemplifies the best in people, and I’m so thankful we’re friends <3

Melody: As we began talking and getting to know each other during the filming, we realized that we have a lot in common. She is so sweet and genuine; that was the beginning of our beautiful friendship.

Day 2 - Melody and EngieWhat is the one thing you appreciate about each other?

Engie: I appreciate how kind Melody is! I don’t think I’ve met anybody who cares as much as she does. Whenever I’m with her, I feel like I’m enveloped in God’s mercy and grace. She just gives off these “waves”of compassion!!

Melody: I appreciate that Engie is thoughtful and genuine; I love that we pray and encourage each-other.


What is something you learned that you didn’t know before?

Engie: I was happy to learn that there are Christians out there who don’t let social norms detract from their devotion to representing the best of the Bible. As a Muslim, I struggle with reconciling certain aspects of Islam– for example, strict gender relations guidelines– with my life as an American college student. I was happy to find a fellow friend who also “fights on”… to stay true to her values, such as chastity, even though that isn’t the norm among most Christians I’ve met. I was pleased to discover her devotion, which inspires me in turn to be a better Muslim.

Engie and MelodyMelody: Engie and I have discussed what it means to wear the hijab and for her it is a privilege, a choice and sign of honor and  respect. A common misconception is that women are forced to wear the hijab as a form of subjugation however the Quran clearly states that women and men are equal.